Oh, my job!

by Madalina Gabor

It is frustrating to look for a job in your late-thirties. But this pandemic got a lot of us out looking for jobs. So I’ve dusted off my resume and started the search.

Like a mature and determined candidate I’ve created a Linkein profile, got connected to some fine people in the recruting business and set up job alerts. But alas, it looks like Linkedin keeps matching me with jobs that got nothing to do with my experience or skills. Data Analyst with Python? After I googled it, I found out it got nothing to do with snakes.

After the first two weeks of #jobhunting in Sibiu, I have to say that the biggest turnoffs are those job descriptions containing huge lists of responsibilities and must-have skills without mentioning any benefits. And no, being a part of a young and dynamic team is not a benefit. I know recruiters love to use this cliche but I feel like I’m developing a skin rash every time I read this in a JD. There is nothing wrong with a calm and mature team. If your team is all young and joyful, maybe you are a discriminatory employer.  Or you allow drug consumption at work?

An adequate payment also isn’t a benefit, unless you are a slave owner. It’s an employee’s right. Private healthcare is a benefit. A monthly gym subscription can also be included in this category, together with  the Christmas bonus, the 13th salary, free transportation, fresh fruits, free coffee and so on.

Another bothering issue is the pretentios job titles. I mean if the job describes the work of a sales person inside a store, why not just call it what it is insead of… CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGER? No, I’m not going to be a manager. I’ll just sell shoes. What is the point in dressing up the truth?

So, the adventure continues. I am very curious to see where I’ll be two weeks from now. Hopefully, within a company that won’t take me for granted.

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